USPS Disability Solutions (“UDS”) is not affiliated with United States Postal Service (“Postal”) or any government agency.

Disability Insurance Solutions for Postal Employees

The private market insurance solutions offered by USPS Disability Solutions does more than just offer some coverage in the case of an accident or illness. There are many other benefits as well.

With USPS Disability Solutions You Could…..

Work With Your Own Doctor

USPS Disability Solutions doesn’t limit you to specific doctors within a network. You can continue to work with your own doctor, which many people prefer, especially if they already have a doctor they can trust.

Apply Online

Now applying for disability insurance is as easy as ever with the option to begin the application process directly online!

Pay With Payroll Deductions

One of the most convenient benefits of USPS Disability Solutions is the fact that you can elect to have the payments deducted directly from your paycheck. This way you don’t even worry about keeping up with the due date of another bill. In fact, you may hardly even notice the extra payment at all.

Disability Insurance for Pennies a Day

That’s right! You can potentially be covered under USPS Disability Solutions for just pennies a day! Begin protecting your family for as little as $18. Use our Disability Calculator for an estimate, or contact us directly for a more accurate quote.

No Physicals Required for USPS Insurance

There is no need to worry about scheduling an appointment in order to be approved for insurance provided by USPS Disability Solutions. All Postal Employees are guaranteed approval (with or without a physical).