USPS Disability Solutions (“UDS”) is not affiliated with United States Postal Service (“Postal”) or any government agency.

About USPS Disability Solutions

We strive to provide the best solutions when it comes to postal employee disability options, while making the effort to understand your needs 

We have identified some potential gaps in the standard insurance coverage offered to Postal employees. Our goal is to provide assistance to these Postal employees by seeking out solutions that cover what their regular insurance coverage doesn’t. Some of the most common injuries or illness risks that Postal employees could face may not be completely covered. We offer solutions that can help you while still remaining compatible with existing Postal employee benefits.

We only choose solutions that we feel benefit Postal employees the most and we try to efficiently address the places where leave benefits and postal disability benefits may not work together. Our products will not duplicate or replace your current benefits.

USPS Disability Solutions will always do what’s right for you because we put your interests before our own.

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