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Federal Employee Leads— USPS Disability Connects Clients with the Best

Federal Disability Insurance

Federal Employee Leads

If you are a financial professional who has a great deal of expertise in federal employee benefits, then you may be eligible to receive introductions to federal employee leads that have contacted USPS Disability Insurance.

Current federal benefits programs can often have many gaps that need to be filled to ensure that federal employees fully benefit from USPS Disability Insurance coverage. tries to understand the needs of federal employees and provide customers with the best options for postal employee disability insurance.


Regular disability insurance does not cover some critical aspects of injury and illness risks, and this site helps customers identify insurance plans that cover illness risk and common injuries in clear terms. The customer’s needs are given priority while the insurance agent’s interests come second- they must be dedicated to the customer’s needs to earn the federal employee leads.


However, the existing employee benefits must be compatible with the new solutions that are offered by USPS Disability Solutions. Postal employees face many illness and injury risks, but most insurance plans do not provide coverage for such eventualities.


Why USPS Disability Solutions?


Regular insurance plans provide coverage for death, fire accidents, and car accidents but few of them offer disability solutions. It is possible to lose your income through an injury or sickness, and life can be complicated without a paycheck. Failure to have coverage for basic needs when injured or sick makes an employee together with their families to suffer due to loss of income.


USPS Disability Solutions helps postal employees to get disability coverage by ensuring that their income is insured. Protecting your paycheck will ensure that you comfortably pay your bills and meet other financial needs when injured or sick. The United States Postal Service offers disability coverage, but the coverage does not address the first 100 days after an injury or illness. Therefore, USPS Disability Solutions comes in to provide private market insurance solutions that guarantee approval within 14 days.


Most employers provide Disability Retirement protection and Leave protection that may only appear attractive on the surface. However, it is important to point out that such plans do not guarantee sufficient disability coverage. The truth of the matter is that the two plans work separately with no overlap.


There is a large gap in this type of protection, as an employee might qualify for one and fail to qualify for the other. In such situations, it is difficult to know how long your benefits will last and this leads to a lot of uncertainty. To address this, USPS Disability Solutions provides a perfect platform for you to learn about disability insurance plans that have clear terms for illness or injury coverage. There is no need to expose yourself and your family to financial difficulties when there are better disability insurance plans that can enable you to enjoy full benefits. Financial professionals searching for federal employee leads will have to understand how to maximize the customer’s insurance benefits.


USPS Disability Solutions Benefits


All private market insurance solutions under this platform must offer extra benefits to customers apart from just filling the gaps in the current disability coverage plan for postal employees.  To begin with, USPS Disability Solutions allows customers to work with their doctors if they are not comfortable with network doctors. It is important for customers to work with a doctor they can trust for them to be comfortable throughout the entire process.


Second, the USPS Disability Solutions site allows customers to apply for their disability insurance online. You can begin the application process anytime you want as you only need to access the site for direct application.


Third, customers that use USPS Disability Solutions get an opportunity to pay with Payroll deductions leading to more convenience. In fact, a customer may not even realize the extra payment and do not need to worry about paying the premiums separately. It is the customer that chooses whether the premium should be deducted from their paycheck or not.


Fourth, that platform offers the Pennies a Day option for disability insurance. You can get full disability coverage for as low as $18 by simply paying some pennies a day.